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Carbon Composites

Safety, efficiency and comfort are constantly at the forefront of every design and engineering decision made at Vickers Aircraft.  

As the main fuselage, floatation elements and wing skins are carbon fiber, it made sense to go with the best in the business.

Core Builders Composites are at the leading edge of this technology.

The ability of the company is already well proven having built  the AC-72 carbon-fiber wing-sailed catamaran, for Team Oracle USA.

Oracle Team USA`s AC 72 is widely referred to as one of the worlds fastest boats ( and was the winner of the 34th Americas Cup in San Francisco 2013.

Backed with the expertise that Core Builders Composites bring, the Vickers Wave will feel just at home on the water as it will in the air.

"Core Builders Composites is pleased to be working with Vickers Aircraft on their Light Sport aircraft. The Wave™ is an exciting project for us and the multi component Carbon Alloy airplane is an ideal candidate for the integrated CNC manufacturing approach that CBC employs to produce accurate, high quality composites."

Tim Smyth

Core Builders Composites